Delta Right Advisors : Services for CSR  

Delta Right is a young company comprised of experienced professionals. We bring this experience to address the needs of our clients with a core expertise in the Corporate Social Responsibility space.  

The Companies Act encourages companies to spend at least 2% of their average net profit in the previous three years on CSR activities. The indicative activities which can be undertaken by a company under CSR have been specified under Schedule VII of the Act. The new Act requires that the board of the company shall report its CSR details and also publish the details on the company’s official website, if any, in such manner as may be prescribed.

Our services and expertise include the following :

Services for NGO partners of the Companies: 

  • Enhancing Leadership Skills for NGO ‘s who are partners 
  • Team Building Programs
  • Development of Women Leadership Skills
  • Cultivating Habits for Life Transformation 
  • Prevention of Burn Out by Work Load Analysis
  • 360 degree Feedback and Beyond
  • Out of Box Solutions
  • Mind Mapping a tool for creative thinking and designing 

Compliance of Statutory Laws :

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment 
  • Training for Internal Complaint Committees
  • Help Set up crèches as per the Maternity Law in NGO’s as well as companies offices if required 

Corporate Social Responsibility : Supporting Implementation by NGO’s 

  • Collaboration with NGOs on behalf of the Corporate  and support Project Management 
  • Development of dashboards for regular monitoring and reporting for companies
  • Highlighting Success Stories at Grassroots level and Documentation of best practices so that these can be used by companies for reporting purposes 

Clients :
 Our current clients are Nalanda foundation a Foundation of ILFS , Shambhunath Research foundation, Maier and Vidorno, Angelique Foundation. 

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